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An Integrated Logistics solutions provider for the Aviation Industry.
With above 25,000 commercial airplanes in service in 2015, and this number ever increasing, the service life of an aircraft depends upon one goal: Flying.
In an industry where downtime and losses are measured in hours, sometimes every minute counts, we know that.
Thus we have focused our entire range of Aviation Services for precisely these moments.
Continental is the only nominated company from India to represent ALN Network working with Global partners on Time Critical Aerospace movements (AOG).
About ALN : Its an independent association of international logistics service providers, all of which specialize in the transportation of time-critical freight for the Aerospace Industry. Apart from combining their resources and skills, the co-operation within this global organization primarily focuses on the flow of communication and direct action during exceptional logistics cases. With currently about 350+ stations around the world, the network structure provides a high degree of localized decision-making skills, when attending to and monitoring individual freight solutions, so your time-critical deliveries arrive quickly and smoothly.


Our Aviation Services expertise is a result of the following:
  • A network of specialists, with a presence in over 60 countries and a strong workforce trained and sensitized with the requirements specific to Aviation sector including 24/ 7 availability.
  • A network of platforms in key areas such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, UAE, UK, France, Germany, and USA where most of the manufacturers and OEMs are located, and complying fully with aeronautics industry standards, our facilities are perfectly suited to the storage and handling of large volumes and for value-added operations such as packaging, DG certifications, scanning, sorting etc.
With almost 10 years of experience in Aviation services we and our partners globally have provided innovative solutions. We provide dedicated and integrated solutions to rationalize logistic support requirements and optimize cost-effectiveness to:
  • Aircraft manufactures
  • Government, Defense and Space Research contractors
  • Multiple top airlines and operators in the world
  • Almost all the major OEMs
  • Fastest growing Engine MRO companies
  • A large number of Parts Distributors