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Apparel and Garments constitute a majority of India’s export. Continental has a strong footprint in this industry vertical. Historically, Continental has worked closely with a vast majority of Indian Garment and Textile exporters. Also, we have served some of the top retail brands in the world such as H&M, Superdry, Marks & Spencers, Macy’s Departmental Stores , etc.
Specialized Apparel Handling - G.O.H (Garment on Hangers)
  • Due to increasing labor and production costs in western nations, India was losing significant market share in Apparel exports due to our non-compliance with Western Importers to provide complete and ready-to-sell finished goods upon arrival into destination countries.
  • Neighboring countries, such as Hong Kong, China, etc. had come up with G.O.H customs clearance to fulfill this need of western importers by completing finished goods (ironed clothes, packed, and hung in containers), thus reducing local cost of finishing goods for end customers.
  • The Continental Carriers Group introduced the concept of Garment on Hangers to the Indian Customs Authority. During the initial years of the Apparel Export Industry within the country, Customs Officials journeyed to other South Asian nations with the Continental Management team to understand this concept and replicate the same in India.
  • During the years xxxx, G.O.H was implemented by the Indian Customs Authority and this continues to be one of the areas of our expertise. Having pioneered this mechanism in India, we have gained trust and close relationships with major brands across the globe.