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Continental offers a wide variety of Transportation and Distribution Services for all its customers supply chain needs. We operate several fleets of trucks and warehouses across India. Either through an outsource model, where we work with specific transporters who provide us volume benefits to be ahead of the market or through our own fleets dedicated to special volumes on specific trade lanes, we ensure the safety and service to our customers’ merchandise.

We have specific tie ups with different vendors, to provide us trucking solutions for all our transportation and distribution requirements and can offer solutions for any volume such as Full-Truck Load (FTL) or Less-Truck Load (LTL) OR any commodity such as Perishables, Pharmaceuticals, and other Cold Chain Services as well as, all our other verticals that we have mentioned above in our Industries Page. (Hyperlink “Industries” to the Industries page)

We also, have a state of the art Warehouse management system that provides us with the ability to give inventory management services to our customers. We operate these services both, on an International as well as, Domestic level. And also, provide features such as Track & Trace that can be accessed through our TNX Continental Website. With highly integrated IT systems we believe in providing solutions at every step to our customers.