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At Continental, we strive to achieve the right balance between a family owned business and a professional approach to all business requirements. A legacy of 3 generations within the organization, we have consistently focused towards building the right attitude within the workplace.

A career with Continental paves the way for the right growth towards a bright future, in both professional and personal aspects. Our Organizational Structure and Human Resource initiatives all keep in mind the difficulties and performance attributes for our entire 300+ happy workforce across India.

Our motto is to provide everyone with the right set of tools, challenges and learning curves for each and every individual to grow and sustain within the professional world. Our workforce takes pride of their association with the Continental Group, and at almost every level; our team has the right to take up any issues, whether personal or professional with the top management.

Our Growth motto is divided into various stages, based off their performance and positive attitude our internal review mechanism evaluates their ability to grow to the next stage –

  • Training and Induction
  • Familiarize processes
  • Assessment of Ability to Learn and Grow
  • New set of challenges and opportunities (Learning Curve)
  • Continuous personal and professional development attitude
  • Growth within the Organization.

If you feel Continental offers the right set of opportunities for your career growth or if you would like to discuss options to associate with the Continental Group feel free to “Click Here,” and fill in our inquiry form, and someone from our Human Resources Desk will get back to you.